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Activities in S. João da Madeira

Morning (Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 12pm)

Hat Museum

The Hat Museum was born from an old hat factory. Unique in the Iberian Peninsula, the museum is a tribute to the men and women who made the hat industry one of the most important activities in the history of S. João da Madeira. In this space you’ll find images and pieces that illustrate the way hats are produced, as well as the human, social and cultural dimension of a community for which this activity has always had an important role. Visit the long-term exhibitions, get to know the life of the workers of this industry and go back in time to a time when no one would leave their house without a hat.

Location: Rua António José de Oliveira Júnior, 501 –


Shoe Museum

The Shoe Museum emerges in an innovative way in the national museological panorama by portraying the memory of the shoe industry in S. João da Madeira and the reality of footwear design in Portugal in the 20th century, pointing to paths of the technological and creative vanguard of the 21st century.

This is an option dictated by the historical importance of S. João da Madeira in the context of shoe production at national level and by the physical and symbolic framework of the Museum within a broader strategy based on culture and creativity as factors of local development. More than a mere exhibition of artifacts, the Shoe Museum is a space for learning, creativity and experimentation that will require from its visitors a posture of interactivity and permanent questioning.

Location: Rua António José de Oliveira Júnior, 591 –


Oliva Art Center

The Oliva Art Center is an art exhibition and collection management center created in 2013 by the Municipality of São João da Madeira as part of the reconversion project of one of the most symbolic industrial buildings in the city: the Oliva factory and foundry. It is the only artistic institution in the country dedicated to contemporary art and raw/outsider art. With an exhibition area of around two thousand five hundred square meters, organized in three galleries, it presents an annual program of temporary exhibitions. The exhibition program presents on a regular and continuous basis the art collections on deposit at the Center along with exhibitions of established artists, national and international.

Location: Rua Paula Rego – 


Ul River Park

The Ul River Park is a leisure area with many green areas and thousands of trees, ideal for hiking and cycling. It has a bar, reception, environmental interpretation centre and showers.

The biological diversity, the cultural and patrimonial aspects, the centrality and easy mobility make the Ul River Park a privileged amphitheater of the city, where it is possible to develop multiple activities that not only celebrate the cultural and patrimonial heritage of S. João da Madeira, but also the environment, sustainability, well-being and good neighborhood.

Regular activities:

  • Workshops: bread cycle;
  • Equipment: Casa da Natureza, Casa da Eira, Moinho, Casa do Forno.

Location: Av. do Vale – 


Swimming pool complex

The enclosure of the municipal swimming pools of S. João da Madeira, in the Paulo Pinto Sports Complex, became a water park in the summer of 2016 – a new offer that made this equipment even more attractive for people from all over the region.

There are two large water slides, the largest of which is about 70 meters long, while the other is about 30 meters long.

In this way, this large municipal outdoor leisure space, which has three swimming pools – one of 50 meters, one of jumps and one of children –, children’s playground, extensive lawn and bar, now also offers an area of water slides and “toboggans” and playful water equipment for the little ones. This appreciation of the outdoor pools has further reinforced its status as a major pole of regional attraction.

Location: Av. Eng. Arantes e Oliveira, 529 –

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Wednesday, July 26, 21h30

Outdoor cinema
“Everything Everywhere All at Once”
Winner of 7 Academy Awards, including best picture

Location: Praça Luís Ribeiro –

Thursday, July 27, 21h30

Multicultural concert
Music Band of S. João da Madeira and invited groups

Location: Praça Luís Ribeiro –

Friday, July 28, 21h30

Youth in celebration
With DJ Gómez and Seu Rosa

Location: Praça Luís Ribeiro –

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Sunday (10am to 7pm)

Family Party


  • 10h – Yoga in the Park
  • 11h – Outdoor Mass
  • 12h30 to 14h30 – Picnic at the park
  • 14h30 to 17h – Traditional games
  • 17h30 – Concert by Flaviana Borges

Location: Ul River Park –

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Activities in the diocese

Afternoon (Wednesday to Friday, 14h to 18h) + Saturday (10h to 0h)


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Morning Prayer

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Our churches and chapels

Mother Church

The Mother Church of S. João da Madeira was built in 1884, in the space previously occupied by an earlier parish church – a smaller church with another alignment (north-south).

This temple imposes itself by the sobriety of its architectural lines and by the grandeur and solidity of this building.

Authored by the great Master of Engineering, Professor António Araújo e Silva, from the Porto School, the Mother Church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the city.

An enormous wealth and variety can be found in its interior, both in gilded carving and in iconographic and cultural motifs.

The Roman military road of Talóbriga and Lancóbriga passed behind this church. The ways of Santiago and Fatima pass through the Mother Church and there are many who stop there for an encounter with God.

The feast in honor of St. John the Baptist is celebrated on the Sunday closest to June 24.

Location: Rua da Igreja –

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Chapel of St. Anthony

The Chapel of St. Anthony is a religious monument located in Largo de Santo António, right in the center of São João da Madeira.

A previous temple dated 1680 existed in the same location, and came to be demolished in 1934, to make way for this chapel that was inaugurated in 1935, by the architect João Queirós. This construction takes place shortly after the elevation of S. João da Madeira to municipal seat, in 1926.

The feast of St. Anthony is the highest moment of the liturgical life of this chapel, a date that is prepared with a novena, much participated. On June 13, the Mass includes the blessing of the bread and the carnation flowers, rites already rooted in the religiosity of the people of São João da Madeira.

Location: Largo de Santo António, 95 –

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Chapel of St. Mary (Casaldelo)

The construction of the Chapel of St. Mary in Casaldelo dates from the year 1903. It was built by António Ferreira Porto.

It is located to the south of the parish, integrated in an area of vast buildings and farms. It also serves some neighboring population of Cucujães.

On the gable of the front of the chapel one can find a small image of the patron saint, in marble, embedded in a niche. Inside, the chancel features a modern altarpiece, crafted in lacquer and plaster, and decorated with the sculpture of St. Mary.

Location: Rua de Moçambique –

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Chapel of Our Lady of Miracles

The Chapel of Our Lady of Miracles is a sanctuary located in the Park of Our Lady of Miracles, a large green space, offered to the city by a group of local patrons, which makes it the oldest park in the city of São João da Madeira.

The religious temple, where Mary is venerated under the invocation of Our Lady of Miracles, was built thanks to donations made by the population and inaugurated in 1938, in an act presided by the then Bishop of Porto, D. António Augusto de Castro Meireles.

Its architectural style dates back to the neo-Romanesque, having on its façade an image of Christ crucified, in marble.

The feast in honor of Our Lady of Miracles is traditionally celebrated on the last weekend in the month of May.

Location: Rua São João de Brito, 270 –

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Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima (Parrinho)

The history of the Chapel of Parrinho began to be written on May 13, 1984. With Father Moura de Aguiar, the location is defined: in the north of the city, to be able to provide pastoral support to the new residents who settled there during a period of great population growth of São João da Madeira.

However, the temporary facilities proved incapable of meeting the needs. Therefore, a new temple began to be constructed in 2010, which since 2012 already allowed for the celebration of the Eucharist. However, it would be on May 13, 2018 that the new temple came to be dedicated, with a new pipe organ being installed at that occasion.

The chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, next to a road where many pilgrims head towards the Sanctuary of Fatima.

The feast of the patron saint, Lady of Fatima, is celebrated on May 12 and 13, coinciding with the date of the dedication of the chapel.

Location: Rua do Parrinho –

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Useful information

Emergency/useful contacts

National Emergency Number: 112
Health 24: +351 808 242424

Firefighters: +351 256 837 120
Police: +351 256 815 000
Republican National Guard: +351 256 823 311
Hospital: +351 256 837 500
Health Center: +351 256 816 000
Town Hall: +351 256 200 200
SOS Fires: 117

Estação Pharmacy: +351 256 200 590
Lamar Pharmacy: +351 256 822 232
Praça Pharmacy: +351 256 822 390
Laranjeira Pharmacy: +351 256 822 876
Central Pharmacy: +351 256 830 040

Accomodation and meals

Communitarian accommodation

Oliveira Júnior Elementary and Secondary School
Av. Adelino Amaro da Costa, 342 –

CEI – Center for Integral Education
Rua Jornal O Regional, 372 –


Parish Center of São João da Madeira
Rua do Dourado, 27 –


Av. Benjamin Araujo, 24 – 

Casa da Natureza
Av. Manuel Vieira Araújo, 181 –

Churrasqueira Monumental
Rua Fonte Cova, 174 –

Paris Tropical
Rua Durbalino Laranjeira, 11 – 

Rua Visconde de São João da Madeira, 2299 –

Rua Infante Dom Henrique, 48 –


Oliveira Júnior Elementary and Secondary School (canteen)

Rules to be followed by pilgrims

For everything to run for the best, you must comply to the following safety rules:

  • Smoking is not allowed inside indoor spaces;
  • It is not allowed to use candles, lighters, equipment with gas or other materials that can cause flame;
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages and psychotropic substances (narcotics) is not allowed;
  • Do not overload sockets and electrical extensions, which can cause short circuit/fire;
  • Do not use electrical equipment next to water;
  • Do not use electrical equipment in poor safety conditions;
  • If you sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor, do not obstruct the circulation corridors delimited on the floor;
  • It is not allowed to cook inside the accommodation facilities;
  • Always keep the spaces in hygienic, clean and tidy conditions;
  • Take care of the Common Home, separate the garbage and put it in the recycling bins;
  • Do not waste natural resources (water and energy);
  • Do not abandon valuables and take them with you when leaving the premises;
  • Always stay close to your group and respect the schedules defined by the Host Institution;
  • Communicate to your group leader all situations that you identify as anomalous;
  • When you are outside, keep with you some of the emergency contacts you may need;
  • Follow the rules defined by the place of accommodation.
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